Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let's Play Catch-Up

Hello again friends! So I have been trying for the longest time to write on my blog. I got on this evening determined to write and publish one tonight. Then I had found that I had six saved drafts that have all been attempts over the past year and a half to make a post. However this post will not turn into another draft but an actual published post. Let me catch you up on the past year and a half in like five minutes.
Last time you read this I was in Colorado having a total blast with the Preston's. I will always and forever be so grateful to them for welcoming me into their home, letting me watch their (our) wonderful little girl, and making me feel apart of their family. I had a blast. 

After Colorado I went to Rexburg, ID where I have been for the past two years and am kinda bitter/sweet about the whole thing. Love Rexburg (even though sometimes I tend to call it Suck-berg), love the friends I have made and the people I have met, and love all the out door activities I can do here. However, the reasons why I tend to call it Suck-berg: 
It is freezing cold here,or colder during the winter. And I know I can't complain too much Kelsie, but in someways I kinda sorta feel like I can a little bit and only because I have to walk in it everyday.
There is ice everywhere! And it's super sneaky and hides from you so you don't see it or know that it is there until you fall on your butt in the middle of a cross walk which has happened on more than one occasion.
If it is not snowing or raining it is so windy that my balance gets thrown off and it is hard to walk and the wind just adds to the bitter cold feeling you get in your bones. That's a true fact: not being dramatic. 
When it finally warms up and stops snowing, you will still have occasional random rainy thundery days. 
If it is not raining there are wind storms that make doing your hair not worth it. Any effort your put in to doing it will just be pointless because no matter how many bobby pins or how much hair spray you use, none of it will work and you can hear the wind laugh at you as it undoes all your work. 
But it is pretty here when it is not deathly windy or dumping snow. Everything here is so green and beautiful. Everyone emerges from their bear caves where they have been hibernating and all come out to play out side. It is so enjoyable here during the Spring Semester.
So enough about the weather.
I left my first year of college, went to girls camp (as a leader:not as a young woman attending), came home, went on the annual Cola Family Vacation where I got a rockin tan just in time for Deasiya's wedding! 
Yes; in case you didn't know Deasiya got married to Brenan Barker and we are all extremely happy for them. They are living in Provo and she is almost done with school at BYU.

After D's wedding I went back to visit the Preston's for a bit and then finally went home (and stayed home) in October. 
Aaron started Jr. High this year and is doing amazing. He loves all the extracurricular activities. He was on the soccer team and the track team and does the high jump. Have I mentioned that is extremely tall! He is definitely going to the be the tallest in the family we're hoping he surpasses the six foot mark. 

Adam (finally) got his eagle scout award. We were all very proud of his and mom's achievement. He he he. And just a little side note: one of the best parts about Adam's eagle court was that our Uncle Randy and his family (what are now referred to as the Texas Cola's) were all able to be there and Uncle Randy was able to be apart of Adam's court. 

 Another big step in Adam's life: he graduated high school and he is preparing to serve a mission. He plans to put in his papers some time towards the end of the summer and hopes to leave sometime in the fall. CRAZY! It is going to be rough. I just love my little brother. But it's ok because I will just force Aaron to hang out with me. Or Ben. I guess he is kinda like my brother now too. We are all excited for Adam and proud of his decision. 
When I got home, I unwillingly went to singles ward and Alexis called me as one of her minions on her activities committee. For as much as I did not want to go to the singles ward and be a minion for Lex, it was really so much fun. When I left Colorado I was dating someone, but after I while of being home I decided that I needed to break up with him, so then I was living the single life for a while. However a little before I left for school I met this one guy who just so happened to also be a minion on the activities committee. We started hanging out, went on a few dates, and right before we both headed back up to Idaho BOOM! We decided to date! Crazy how things work out. Haha. But this guy's name is Sean Thompson.

He is just the butter (and occasional added salt) to my bread. I laugh at his jokes and he just mostly laughs at me. Haha. We both attend BYU-I from January to July so we have just had so much fun over the past six months (not that anyone's counting) hanging out and getting to know each other. It has been a blast.
For those who are losing interest I'm almost done. Really. 
Emma is all over the place! She is doing her intern right now in Rexburg and working full time. Even though it is tough and she is exhausted all the time she manages to work through it and wear a smile on her face. On top of working full time she is also taking the last nine credits she needs to get her bachelors degree and gradates in three weeks from today. We are all very proud of her.

One recent event is that Alexis got married. I now officially have a brother-in-law. Ben Starkey. Our relationship is odd. At first, I will be honest, I really did not know what to think about Ben. However being around him I have learned that even though he puts on a front, he is really just a big softy. He likes to tease me because I can get worked up so easily, but I have learned that when I don't get worked up, it drives him crazy. So it is more of a breaking contest. Luckily due to Adam, I can hold in there and usually win. But we love Ben and he just really loves my sister and would do anything for her and as her little sister that's all I can really ask for.

So Lex and Ben got married on a Saturday, Deasiya, Emma, and our friend Stephani left Bakersfield the next day, and that Sunday night, Deasiya and Brenan welcomed into the family Little Baby Tyson. He is just the most precious baby EVER! 
I have been lucky enough to go down to Utah to see him a few times in an effort to make myself his favorite aunt. So far I think it is working. 
Finally the parents. 
Renee and Xavier are as crazy as ever but are probably as happy as ever too. Dad works all the time for the school district and part time in some nursing homes. He has some of the best stories. Mom is working at GemCare right now and still has not departed from her phone. In fact her boss gave her a business phone. So now she has two. Like I said, crazy. But they are doing well and adjusting to life with just the boys now that the girls are all out of the house. They also just celebrated 26 years of being married. Mom told me that they have been super pleased with how the past 26 years have gone. A few bumps along the way but no complaints.

I can't really complain either. My family is pretty awesome. We might be all over the place and our time together is limited however whenever when we are together, it's a party.
Sorry everyone had to sit through as I journaled about the past year and a half but I hope you are all caught up. I also hope that I don't only post every year and a half from now on. More like every week, or week and a half so I promise the next one won't be as long.
Also, I will be leaving Rexburg in less than three weeks to go to girls camp and go back to Bakersfield so we all know that there will be lost of good posts there.
Until next time! 


  1. I read it all and wasn't bored, well, except for the stuff about the weather, I skipped over that part. ♥

  2. I loved it! Good job summarizing your life over the past year or more.

  3. nice update bash. I was really hoping for a little more..... but i appreciate the cliff hanger and will wait to read the next novel :)